After Epic Battle on the Track, Alonso and Hamilton Share an Emotional Hug

After Epic Battle on the Track, Alonso and Hamilton Share an Emotional Hug

For over a decade, Formula 1 fans have been treated to a fierce rivalry between Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso. The English driver made his debut in the sport in 2007, and since then, the two have been both teammates and fierce competitors.

Their battles on the track have been nothing short of epic, with fans eagerly anticipating each new showdown. However, it’s been a full ten years since they’ve gone head to head in equal machinery, leaving fans wondering what could have been.

The Bahrain Grand Prix gave a glimpse of what’s in store for the 2023 Formula One season. Aston Martin has caught up with Mercedes, creating a level playing field for the teams, and setting up an intense competition.

While Max Verstappen dominated the race, Fernando Alonso and Lando Norris put on an exciting battle for the final spot on the podium. Alonso ultimately won with a spectacular overtake at Turn 10, which will undoubtedly feature in season highlights.

The prospect of both teams having equal resources in 2023 adds to the excitement of what promises to be an unforgettable season.

Alonso overtook Carlos Sainz to ultimately finish third, while Hamilton placed fifth in the end.

Hamilton seeks out Alonso to express his appreciation

Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso, two Formula One veterans, shared a moment of respect and sportsmanship after a recent race. Alonso was giving an interview to Spanish channel DAZN when Hamilton interrupted to offer his congratulations on the performance. While the exchange was brief, it was evident that the two drivers hold each other in high regard. Hamilton expressed his admiration for Alonso’s driving, acknowledging the praise he rightfully deserves.

Fernando Alonso’s optimism

Aston Martin’s hard work over the winter paid off as Fernando Alonso finished on the podium in the first race of the year. Alonso praised his team’s effort and called their performance unreal.

Although he would have preferred to start in front of the Red Bulls and Ferraris, he had to pass on the track due to a slow start. Despite this setback, the race was still exciting and filled with adrenaline. Alonso is optimistic about the new season and has reasons to believe that his team will continue to excel in the races ahead.

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