Coco Lee, International Sensation and Iconic Hong Kong Singer, Passes Away at 48

Coco Lee, International Sensation and Iconic Hong Kong Singer, Passes Away at 48

Coco Lee, a famous singer and songwriter from Hong Kong, has sadly passed away at the age of 48. According to her siblings, Lee had been battling depression for several years, and her mental health had worsened significantly in recent months.

“Despite seeking professional help and making efforts to combat her depression, CoCo ultimately succumbed to its grasp,” the statement stated.Lee’s sister revealed that she attempted suicide at her home over the weekend and was quickly taken to the hospital. Sadly, she fell into a coma and passed away on Wednesday.

Originally from Hong Kong, Lee later relocated to the United States, where she attended middle and high school in San Francisco. She pursued a singing career after achieving first runner-up in a renowned singing competition organized by TVB in Hong Kong. At the age of 19, she released her debut album in 1994.

Lee started her career as a Mandopop singer, but she later expanded her repertoire by releasing albums in Cantonese and English. She gained recognition for her exceptional vocal abilities and captivating live performances. According to her sisters, Lee strived to create opportunities for Chinese singers in the global music industry and dedicated herself to representing China with excellence. Her family takes pride in her accomplishments.

She was the first Chinese singer to successfully enter the American music market. Her song “Do You Want My Love” reached #4 on Billboard’s Hot Dance Breakouts chart in December 1999.Lee provided the voice for the main character Fa Mulan in the Mandarin version of Disney’s “Mulan” and also performed the Mandarin version of the movie’s theme song “Reflection.”

In 2011, Lee tied the knot with Bruce Rockowitz, a Canadian businessman who previously served as the CEO of Hong Kong supply chain company Li & Fung. Although she had two stepdaughters from her marriage to Rockowitz, Lee did not have any biological children of her own.

In her latest Instagram post on December 31, 2022, Lee uploaded multiple photos of herself, showcasing her tattoos with the words “love” and “faith.” One of the pictures included what seemed to be a drainage bag attached to her body. In the caption, she expressed that “Love & Faith” are her favorite words, which have provided her with much-needed strength during this challenging year.

“I faced the challenges of life with the mindset of a ‘female warrior’ and confronted them without fear,” the caption stated.In March, she shared on social media her journey of having to regain her ability to walk after undergoing surgery for a previous leg injury that was exacerbated during a dance practice in October 2022.

“After a successful surgery, despite the pain and the need to relearn how to walk, I am confident that I can overcome this obstacle,” she expressed in a Facebook post. “I believe in myself and I am determined to succeed!”

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