Derek Carr Joins Saints: 4-Time Pro Bowl QB’s Move Shakes Up the NFC South – Who are the Winners and Losers?

Derek Carr Joins the Saints Who's Winning and Who's Losing in This Four-Time Pro Bowl QB's New Home

A review of who gains from Carr’s choice – Derek Carr Joins Saints

According to ESPN’s report on Monday, Derek Carr Joins Saints. The former Raiders quarterback had been meeting with other teams, such as the Jets and Panthers, after his release from Las Vegas this offseason. However, Carr ultimately chose to join the Saints, indicating his newfound loyalty to the team.

This move will undoubtedly have implications for both the Saints and the teams Carr turned down. Read on for our quick analysis of who stands to gain or lose from this significant signing.

A review of who gains from Carr's choice

Winner – Derek Carr

Carr himself should be the happiest person celebrating this news. Even though the Saints may not be as balanced as other teams like the Jets or Panthers, they do have some advantages. For example, they play in a dome, which can be advantageous for their passing game, and they also have an open division. Additionally, they have decent skill players like Alvin Kamara and Chris Olave. But perhaps the most significant advantage for Carr is that the Saints do not have a solid quarterback option, and they don’t have the draft capital to acquire a top prospect in that position this year. This means that Carr can feel confident in his job security, even if the team doesn’t make it far in the playoffs. While he may be moving from one middling wild-card contender to another, he can take comfort in knowing that he has a good chance of remaining the team’s starting quarterback for the foreseeable future.

Loser: A possible (and logical?) Saints rebuild

Year after year, the New Orleans Saints surprise the football world with their financial management. Despite limited funds, the team manages to find ways to spend and invest in their players, and the recent signing of Carr to a four-year deal is a testament to their approach. While many would suggest that the team should hit the reset button and undergo a complete overhaul, the Saints are content with staying in the middle of the pack. Despite the current quarterback landscape suggesting otherwise, the Saints remain confident that their time has not yet passed.

Packers – Winner

If Aaron Rodgers decides not to retire, the Green Bay Packers will have more bargaining power when it comes to trading the veteran quarterback. The New York Jets have been among the teams rumored to be interested in acquiring Rodgers, but with Derek Carr now joining the New Orleans Saints, the Jets are left with fewer options. If the Jets are determined to sign an experienced starting quarterback, they may have to pay a higher price for Rodgers rather than rely on other injury-prone quarterbacks like Jimmy Garoppolo.

Raiders – Loser

Although the decision to move on from Carr was the right one, the timing of the divorce was too late. The Raiders deserve credit for recognizing the need for a long-term solution and being willing to make a difficult decision, even if that solution doesn’t come in the immediate future. However, it would have been better if they had made this move a year earlier, before they traded away valuable draft picks for Carr’s friend Davante Adams and then felt obligated to extend Carr’s contract. Waiting too long diminished Carr’s value and ultimately resulted in the Raiders getting nothing in return for their Pro Bowl quarterback

Winner – Dennis Allen

The new coach of the New Orleans Saints had a moderate start, but now he has reasons to feel happy and secure in his job. Like the quarterback Derek Carr, he is confident about his future because of two reasons. Firstly, the coach has a previous relationship with Carr from their time at the Raiders, where he was Carr’s first head coach in the NFL. Secondly, the coach’s defense helped keep New Orleans in contention for a wild-card spot in the 2022 season. Although Carr may not be a significant upgrade from the previous quarterback, Andy Dalton, he has a better potential. The team’s decision to give Carr a four-year contract implies that they are not interested in a complete overhaul of the roster, which means that the coach will not have to handle that task immediately.

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