Did Aki Die in Chainsaw Man? What Happens to Aki

Did Aki Die in Chainsaw Man What Happens to Aki

Aki Hayakawa is a major supporting character in the Chainsaw Man manga and anime series. Initially, Aki was antagonistic towards the main protagonist, Denji, but later became a close friend. Although Aki’s story has ended in the manga, he still appears in the anime, and fans want to know what they can expect from him in the future. This article will explain Did Aki die in Chainsaw Man and what happened to him.

Did Aki Die in Chainsaw Man?

Did Aki Die in Chainsaw Man

Aki’s story is intertwined with that of the Gun Devil, which killed his parents and younger brother, making Aki an orphan. He vowed to become a Devil Hunter and avenge his family’s deaths by hunting the Gun Devil. Later, Aki joined the Anti-Devil Special Unit 4, and the story’s focus shifted to the Gun Devil Arc, where the Gun Devil emerged as the principal antagonist.

In the Gun Devil Arc, Makima recorded her 29th kill by defeating the Gun Devil. However, the Gun Devil killed Makima and Aki, who tried to save her. The Gun Devil’s remnants infested Aki’s corpse, turning him into the Gun Fiend, an enemy that destroyed Aki’s apartment and engaged Denji in combat. Aki, who fought the Gun Devil from within, gave up fighting Denji when he remembered playing with his younger brother. Denji used Aki’s unwillingness to fight his friend to attack and kill the Gun Fiend, which also killed Aki in the process.

Although Aki’s story ended in the manga, he continues to appear in the anime, and fans are curious about what will happen to him. However, it remains to be seen whether the anime will follow the manga’s storyline or add new elements to the story. Overall, Aki Hayakawa’s fate in Chainsaw Man was tragic, but his friendship with Denji and his determination to avenge his family’s death made him a memorable character in the series.

Who was responsible for Aki’s death?

Who was responsible for Aki's death

Aki Hayakawa was killed by Denji while he was transformed into the Gun Fiend, after Denji had already killed the Gun Fiend himself. Despite Aki’s goal of becoming a Devil Hunter to kill the Gun Devil, he ended up being turned into a fiend by the Gun Devil and ultimately killed in that form. Unfortunately, there was no way for Denji to save Aki from the Gun Devil’s possession since he was already dead when possessed. Although it was a heartbreaking moment for Denji, it’s likely that Aki would have wanted Denji to do what he did.

Will Aki return in Chainsaw Man?

Will Aki return in Chainsaw Man

The future of the manga is unknown, so it’s unclear whether Aki will return. Since Aki is human and not a Devil, he cannot be resurrected in that way. However, as an important character in Denji’s life, it’s possible for Aki to make a comeback, which is not uncommon in the world of anime and manga. It’s unclear whether Chainsaw Man will follow traditional shonen manga tropes, so it’s difficult to give a definitive answer. At present, it seems unlikely that Aki will return, but it’s possible that he may appear in flashbacks.

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