Don Lemon Takes a Bold Stand Against Hate: Refuses to Amplify Lies and Bigotry After CNN Departure

Don Lemon Takes a Bold Stand Against Hate: Refuses to Amplify Lies and Bigotry After CNN Departure

Don Lemon, who has been fired from CNN, has given his initial exclusive interview in which he declares that he is not in favor of “giving a platform” to individuals who lie or hold bigoted beliefs. During his conversation with ABC24, a regional news station, Lemon discussed his duties as a journalist and responded to backlash he experienced for challenging Vivek Ramaswamy, a Republican candidate for president, during a heated exchange on live television in April.

He expressed that it is both his duty as a journalist and a citizen of the United States to uphold the truth and follow the principles laid out in the constitution. He emphasized that the constitution aims for a more perfect union, not a perfect one, acknowledging that nobody is infallible. Nevertheless, he believes that to achieve the constitution’s vision, it is essential to champion what is right and truthful. When questioned about his Ramaswamy interview, Lemon explained his perspective on the boundaries of whom journalists should or should not provide a platform for.

“I refuse to give a platform to individuals who spread falsehoods, harbor intolerant beliefs, support violent uprisings, deny election results, and treat them as equals with those who speak the truth, uphold noble causes, and adhere to the principles of the constitution,” he stated. “It would be a failure on the part of journalism to do so.”

Regarding the future of his career, Lemon mentioned that he is not going to impose anything and is currently savoring his life with his partner, Tim Malone, who is a real estate agent. He emphasized that he will not allow other people’s schedules to affect him, and he’s taking his time to decide his next course of action. Although some people have expressed that they miss seeing him on television and are curious about his future plans, he’s not in a hurry to make any hasty decisions. He believes that making rushed decisions can lead to wrong outcomes.

Lemon made a statement on Twitter in April, revealing that he was let go from his position as co-anchor of “CNN This Morning” alongside Kaitlan Collins and Poppy Harlow, a job he held for approximately six months. He expressed shock and surprise at the news, stating that his agent had informed him of the termination.

CNN’s CEO, Chris Licht, expressed in a statement that the network sends best wishes to Don Lemon as he pursues future endeavors, which is similar to what he mentioned in an email to CNN staff that USA TODAY obtained. In the statement, Licht acknowledged that CNN and Don have parted ways, but reiterated that Don will always remain a part of the CNN family. Additionally, Licht expressed gratitude for Don’s contributions during his 17 years at the network.

News of Don Lemon’s departure from CNN surfaced shortly after Tucker Carlson’s exit from Fox News. Prior to his departure, Lemon had been accused of misogyny. At the Time 100 Gala, Lemon stated that he was doing well and Mia Farrow expressed admiration for actor Austin Butler.

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