Jamie Lee Curtis Makes History with Oscar Win: ‘I Just Won an Oscar!’

Jamie Lee Curtis Makes History with Oscar Win 'I Just Won an Oscar!'

Jamie Lee Curtis had to be patient for a considerable amount of time to eventually receive her first nomination for an Oscar. Thankfully, her patience was rewarded and she won the esteemed accolade for her performance as Deirdre Beaubeirdre in “Everything Everywhere All at Once”, where she portrays an IRS agent who is present across several timelines in the multiverse.

Curtis, the daughter of illustrious Hollywood stars Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis, alluded to her celebrated parents in her impassioned acceptance speech.

“My mum and dad were both singled out for Oscars in different classes,” she said, beginning to sob as she got the prize. “And now, I’ve just won an Oscar too!”

Jamie Lee Curtis Makes History with Oscar Win

At the 2021 Academy Awards, 64-year-old actor Deirdre Beaubeirdre became the 8th oldest to win in the category, surpassing Judi Dench’s win for “Shakespeare in Love.” Last fall, while being interviewed by CBS “Sunday Morning,” Curtis spoke of her part in the highly nominated “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” saying she knew women like Beaubeirdre who had faced “many disappointments” and “opportunities that then break your heart.” She expressed her love for the character.

Curtis has enjoyed an extensive career in the film industry, highlighted by her role in the “Halloween” films beginning in 1978 as well as other noteworthy works like “Trading Places,” “My Girl,” “True Lies” and “Knives Out.” Her performance in “Everything Everywhere All at Once” has cemented her place in Oscars’ history.

At the SAG Awards last month, Curtis was awarded the best supporting actress title, surpassing competitors Angela Bassett, Kerry Condon, Hong Chau and Stephanie Hsu.

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