Tiger Woods’ Ex-Girlfriend Demands NDA Nullification Amid Couple’s Breakup!

Tiger Woods' Ex-Girlfriend Demands NDA Nullification Amid Couple's Breakup!

A Florida judge has been asked by Erica Herman, Tiger Woods’s former live-in partner, to void a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) she had signed with the golfer. This dispute began when Woods prevented her from entering his residence last autumn.

Lawyers for Woods have stated in court that Herman cannot take him to court because of the NDA, which mandates that both parties must handle any disagreements through private arbitration.

In a legal paper submitted on Monday, Herman claimed that the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is invalid because of a federal law that prohibits people who have been victims of sexual assault or harassment from being prevented from taking legal action.

Herman’s document, as originally reported by TMZ, did not go into detail whether she has or will make any such allegations against Woods. Her lawyer, Benjamin T. Hodas, had no response when asked for comment on Wednesday.

Mark Steinberg, Woods’s agent, did not reply to a request for comment. J.B. Murray, attorney involved in one of the legal proceedings, mentioned that he was unable to make any statement.

The lawsuit, starting off as a seemingly typical landlord-tenant dispute in which Herman accused a trust without mentioning its affluent owner, provides a peek into the kind of confidential agreements often made by wealthy and influential people in their own dealings.

This could lead to a resurgence of attention on Tiger Woods’ personal life, which has been marred by scandals involving multiple infidelities and driving while under the influence of drugs.

In October, Herman launched a case against Jupiter Island Irrevocable Homestead Trust, which is managed by Woods, in the Martin County circuit court in Florida. In the lawsuit, Herman alludes to her association with Woods and mentions “duties that were expected of her, which were extensive and of a special character in light of the conditions and atmosphere in which she was living.”

Herman alleged that representatives of the trust had coerced her to pack a bag for a brief getaway and, when she arrived at the airport, told her she had been denied access to her dwelling.

Furthermore, she claimed that the trust’s agents took advantage of a lawyer to present her with offers to address the wrongdoings they were committing and refused to let her into her residence. Additionally, they allegedly removed her possessions from the house and misappropriated more than forty thousand dollars in cash that was hers, accusing her of wrongfully obtaining the funds.

The grievance was not publicized when it was initially filed and did not mention Woods. In December, attorneys representing the golfer replied that he and his children resided in the house and claimed that the complaint was invalid due to the non-disclosure agreement that necessitated the confidentiality of their disputes.

Woods’s legal team revealed that they had already initiated arbitration proceedings, which involved a number of potential witnesses, concerning Herman’s claims of eviction. They argued that as Herman’s grievances stemmed from the end of her relationship with Woods, her filing of a lawsuit in a public tribunal breached the terms of the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) they had both signed. The court document had a mostly censored version of said NDA.

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