“Unleashing the Blade: ‘Demon Slayer’ Season 3 Episode 1 Takes Fans on an Epic Journey to the Swordsmith Village!”

‘Demon Slayer’ season 3 episode 1 recap: journey to the Swordsmith Village

After a year has passed since the thrilling battle in the Entertainment District during season two, we are back to witness more demon-fighting action from the Taisho era in season three of Demon Slayer. The Swordsmith Village Arc starts with a premiere that lasts for an hour, where an ailing Kagaya Ubuyashiki is overjoyed to learn that an Upper Rank has been defeated for the first time in 100 years.

The passing of Daki and Gyutaro, who both held the position of Upper Rank Six, has caused quite a commotion. Muzan has called upon the Upper Rank demons to gather for a meeting. Production studio Ufotable has once again demonstrated their artistic prowess with their stunning, mind-bending portrayal of the intricate underworld. This impressive display reaffirms Demon Slayer’s reputation as the most visually captivating anime out there. This exceptional scene introduces us to the top-ranking Twelve Kizuki, which includes Akaza (#3), Gyokko (#5), Hantengu (#4), Doma (#2), and Kokushibo (#1), as well as Biwa Woman Nakime, the ruler of Muzan’s palace.

‘Demon Slayer’ season 3 episode 1 recap: journey to the Swordsmith Village

The Upper Ranks are stunningly grotesque, from Gyokko’s misshapen head with its infantile hands to Hantengu, whose skeletal frame crouches in a manner that evokes pure despair. Beyond their impressive appearance and strength, we gain insight into the internal politics of the Kizuki, including Akaza’s simmering anger towards his higher-ups. Muzan is displeased with recent setbacks and insists that they redirect their efforts towards annihilating the Ubuyashiki clan and locating the Blue Spider Lily.

In the dream sequence, an unidentified Demon Slayer wearing hanafuda earrings is served tea by a person who bears a striking resemblance to an older version of Tanjiro, even sporting the same black-checkered kimono that our hero is known for. It is unclear whether this person is an ancestor of Tanjiro’s. The man expresses gratitude for the Demon Slayer’s heroism in saving his family and offers to preserve his name, given that the Demon Slayer has no offspring. Upon awakening from a two-month coma caused by severe injuries, Tanjiro sheds tears.

One week later, Tanjiro is still in the process of rehabilitation when he comes across a bundle of angry letters from Haganezuka. The letters state that he won’t create a replacement for Tanjiro’s broken sword because of his careless handling. Although this news is disheartening, Tanjiro receives a message that he can visit Swordsmith Village, the home of the Demon Slayer Corps swordsmiths. With the help of various Kakushi and Kasugai crows, he sets out on a long and indirect journey. Eventually, after being blindfolded, ear-plugged, and nose-plugged, Tanjiro arrives at the peaceful settlement.

‘Demon Slayer’ season 3 episode 1 recap: journey to the Swordsmith Village

Since Haganezuka is missing, Tanjiro is asked to remain in the village. He meets Mitsuri, the Love Hashira, and they have a delicious meal together. Mitsuri compliments Tanjiro on his accomplishment of defeating an Upper Rank demon and claims that it has boosted his skills to the equivalent of ten years of regular demon slaying. As he prepares to leave, Mitsuri reveals to Tanjiro that there is a unique weapon hidden in the village that could enhance his abilities.

The next day, Tanjiro explores the forest in search of the weapon, and unexpectedly comes across a heated dispute between a sword maker and Mist Hashira Muichiro. While he ponders what the disagreement could be concerning, he glimpses a perplexing Demon Slayer standing alongside the argumentative individuals… the very same person from his dream.

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